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Joyful Winebow

We don't drink to study for wine; we just drink wine for happiness.
Wine is the most tasty alcohol drink of all the drinks in the world. With magical charm!!
Winebow is a place to buy wines you want cheaply and easily.

* From very low cost wines anyone can drink, To a high price wines that easily exceeds your monthly salary.

* From sweet and low alcohol wines, To tannic and strong & full bodied wines

* From easy to drink wines, to wine lover's wines

With selected wines from Sommelier certified by the Ministère de l'Agriculture et de l'Alimentation of France, Feel the joy of wine.

Wine Specialist

Winebow is a wine specialty store. We do as follows;

* wholesale for company

* Sale of university specialty wine

* Wine gift and retail sales

With a wide range of physical experience, we are delivering products that our customers really want most quickly, accurately, and cheapest.
Winebow know well.
When you gift wine to your friend and customer, they will be happy and feel your dignity.
So we can advise you which wine is the most suitable.

Winebow History

For the past 18 years, we career.
Wine shop : West 57 Wines & Spirits in Manhattan

Wine Importing Company : the brand manager of Daeyoo Wines

* Antinori, M.Chapoutier, Louis Roederer, Trimbach & Grand Cru Classe wines

Wine wholesale company : the sales & marketing manager of Woori Wines

Wine Bar [Winebow] : From Feb. 2007 to Dec. 2013
Wine Shop [Winebow] : From May 2012

Academy & Lecture : Winenara Acamemy(Major : Founding wine business), Suwon Science College(Major : Wine Tasting)


Certified Sommelier by the Ministère de l'Agriculture et de l'Alimentationof France at the 7th Korean sommelier contest 2008.

Certified Wine Adviser by the SOPEXA(France Agricultural Products Promotion Corporation) at the 9th Korean sommelier contest 2010.


The Best Romantic Wine 31(2012, by book21)

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