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1. Wine Purchase

We would like to sell at the lowest price anywhere in Korea. We are studying trends of the Retail road and three top discount-store chains reflected in the selling price shop every month.

Please let us know if price is more expensive than other dealers, we will give you the discount coupon at least 1,000 KWR.

We are sure that the discount the quantity and accumulated the points you can take advantage of the lowest price anywhere in Korea.

2. How to order

"Regarding to Wines or Liquors, It is not allowed to pay on the internet by the Korean Liquor Law(Notification No. 2005 Ho-5 Ho of National Tax Service)"

Step 1.

Click the Order and the write to make a reservation

Step 2.

After Staff of Winebow check the details, we will send a message to customers.

Step 3.

You can purchase visit to Winebow store on specified date you want.

* If you have questions and want more convenient way, please contact with us.

Address. 2Fl, 75 Baekbeom-Ro, Mapo-Gu, Seoul
Tel. 02-6349-9463

3. When you cannot find wines you want

You can find "Notice Board" at the bottom of homepage. Please let me know what you are looking for.

* Please the exact name and quantity *

After checking it up, we will inform to you as soon as possible.
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